SemaVis for E-Government

Interactive Open Government Textual Search (EurLex)

Searching political documents, e.g. from debates or about decisions, can be challenging and becomes quickly boring.
The challenge in searching documents is simple, because it demands on different facets. Normally the searcher is only interested in documents from a certain European agency or searches for documents only a particular time frame. All these facets are sometime difficult to predict and therewith cannot be mentioned on the initial search. Graphical and interactive searches enable to filter on demand just because of different aspect-oriented visualizations.
The issue that searching documents becomes boring demands on the less experience during searches. Traditional search interface are designed functional, they normally do not consider interactive elements that enable a bigger user experience. Interactive graphical visualization enable a much bigger user experience, so that user feels more engaged to use. This fact often results in explorative searches, which means, the user starts searching in documents not because of real question or towards a concrete information, the purpose is just to “look for something new and unknown”. In particular for the purpose of E-Participation this approach can help to guide citizens closer to politics.

Try out our demonstrator by clicking on the figure.

Please also note the following video about using the EurLex Visualization demo.



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